11am Joyous Living - Maureen Wycherley

Get Happy and Stay Happy with Access Consciousness Therapies and Tools

Life is full of possibilities, what are you choosing? Access Consciousness pragmatic tools and therapies offer a simple way of finding your happy without getting lost in the fogs of others’ points of view and to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change, until now. Let’s explore Access Bars Therapy and have some fun with the dynamic tools that you can use on a daily basis. This is quite an interactive workshop so be prepared to have some fun!

12.15pm Jane Osborne

Past Life Regression

Your soul is more powerful and smarter than you envisage. By tapping into your soul, your inner being, just imagine what you could achieve, where you would travel, who you would meet along the way that may be in your life today in a different role. Connect the missing pieces in the jigsaw of lives. Align with your purpose, your passions and what makes you feel whole. Your soul is waiting for you to say hello.

1.30pm Catherine Rose - Insight into Life Guides

Transform your life through the wisdom of Vedic Astrology

Discover how the ancient Yogic method of Vedic Astrology can identify the hidden code in your horoscope to reveal your true essence. In this talk Catherine will share how we all have a certain resonance, as does everything around us and can be experienced through sound, colour, symbols etc.… To be aligned with this naturally creates more harmony and balance in your life. Catherine has developed unique personal guides to provide innovative yet practical ways to apply these elements to your own life. The Insight Guides relate to aspects of your lifestyle, clothes, your tattoos and gemstones, to make informed choices that can transform your life.

2.45pm Edwin Courtenay

A Demonstration of Aura Reading

The aura is a field of coloured energy that surrounds all living things - an emanation of the spinning vortexes of light that sit at the core and centre of the physical form - the chakras. The aura can reveal to those who have the ability to see it many things from psychical and spiritual potential to blockages in the energy system, life path and purpose information and a persons spiritual guides and guardian angel! Edwin Courtenay - clairvoyant, channel and cunning man has been seeing the aura for 30 years and using it in his spiritual practice as both guide, healer and teacher. Today he will provide us with a demonstration of this gift, tuning into the auras of the audience in order to bring forth all manner of insight and messages. He will also talk about the nature of the aura - how it has texture, weight and smell and how all can learn to develop the power to see it!

4pm Katharine - Orange Blossom Old Ways

Connecting with the Loving Spirits of Place in Ilkley: An Elemental Shamanic Journey