11am Edwin Courtenay

The Mystery of The Crystal Skulls!

The Crystal Skulls are vessels for an esoteric wisdom and consciousness sometimes called The Ancient sometimes called the Conclave. Created at the beginning of time this consciousness was used by the Divine in both the creation of the universe and the recording of that creation. The Crystal skulls containing knowledge AND power that can be potentially used to heal that creation and hold the key for its evolution and ascension - including our own. Edwin Courtenay - guardian of several Crystal skulls - will explain and explore this unique consciousness, speaking about old and contemporary skulls and how they can be used - big and small - in healing and psychical development. He will perform a channelling with the largest of his collection - the Engineer - as well as sharing a meditation with all those present so that they can learn how to access this intelligence whether they posses a Crystal Skull or not!

12.15pm Anne Davies - Arbonne

Thriving Through Menopause

Anne will speak about the impact of gut health on Hormones - Busting some of the myths surrounding weight gain during menopause , tips on creating good sleep patterns and much more.

1.30pm Catherine Rose - Biomagnetic Balance

Explore Biomagnetic Balance and Quantum Distance Treatments

In this talk Catherine will introduce Biomagnetic Balance, which is a well-established yet innovative approach to promote optimal health and well being, in a natural, effective and holistic way. It is a proven scientific method to identify imbalance in specific points in the bodily system, then to re-establish balance through corresponding pairs, that are energetically connected. Biomagnetic Balance addresses the root cause of health issues, restores and maintains a healthy microbiome and is offered through the power of quantum distance treatments. Creating equilibrium from this fundamental level, provides the ideal conditions for healing to take place on all dimensions, with exceptional results.

2.45pm Julia Stega - S.H.E. Holistics

A Sound Bath

A Sound Bath has many benefits including reducing stress, promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being. A sound bath is a meditation and relaxation session that uses gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, shamanic and ocean drums and other instruments. The sonic vibrations from the instruments bring about a sense of peace and wellbeing and can help to release emotional and energy blockages to stimulate deep healing at a cellular level. It is simply a meditation to music, but so much more. People lie on the floor and relax while the vibrations from the instruments “wash over them” interacting with their para sympathetic nervous system. This induces a deep sense of calm and activates the body’s own healing systems. We live in a busy age and forget how important relaxing is for a healthy life. I have a number of instruments including sideral moon gong, crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drum, ocean drum, koshi chimes, hapi drum. I also channel reiki healing during the session. People usually float out.

4pm Katharine - Orange Blossom Old Ways

An Audience with Goddess Verbeia: A Shamanic Journey