11am The Wiccan Lady

Wicca - What’s it all about?

Was Wicca really invented in the 1950s by Gerald Gardener? What is Rede? Is Karma a thing and do Wiccans do magic?

12.15 Kim Dhaliwal - Wings of Wisdom

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki Understanding angels, and how to connect to the Angelic Kingdom, including a phenomenal group healing experience. Experience a touch of an angel by your side. Kim Dhaliwal is a Holistic and Spiritual healer/teacher, for over 15years. From a very young age she was surrounded by Angels and spirit, and a life changing premonition finally opened her eyes to what she was blessed with and consequently her healing journey commenced onto a divine spiritual path. She has a client base from all ‘walks of life’ national and international. Her clients describe her as a happy, friendly, empathetic, gifted and knowledgeable “Earth Angel” She has recently released her new book “Wings of Wisdom”, which she will be launching at this event. This book is a self-help guidance tool, full of inspiration, and wisdom, it also offers programs, mantras and affirmations to resonate and amplify your existence and potential. This book was birthed from all the wisdom she gained during a challenging difficult few years of grief and trauma in her personal life.

1.30pm Ruby Sagu - Devaiya Oils

An Introduction to Face Yoga

This workshop will introduce you to face yoga and its benefits. Learn about simple face exercises, massage and acupressure to relax, tone and rejuvenate your face naturally with our certified face yoga teacher, Ruby

2.45pm Edwin Courtenay

A Demonstration of Past Life Reading

We have all lived before, most of us having had on average 500 previous incarnations - many of which were undoubtedly short lived! The memory of these lifetimes can be found in the aura and the Akashic Library as well as in the memory of the soul and some - bearing the gift and training can read these past lives for us. Edwin Courtenay, clairvoyant, channel and cunning man has been reading peoples past lives for 31 years and today will offer a demonstration of this talent. Reading the past lives of audience members in order to provide information about karmic patterns and wounds - how they are impacting upon the now and how they can be cleared, past life talents and how they can be reclaimed and karma and how it can be absolved. He will also explain in brief the nature of past lives and the Akashic records and how these might be tuned into easily by the self.

4pm - Gerry Andrew’s - Shan Holistic Massage

Your Body is Talking - But Are You Listening?

In this talk Gerry will explore the deep Body-Mind connection and how our Minds can keep us locked in cycles of negativity and pain. He will also be looking at ways we can hold space for ourselves and others so that we can let go of the stories we tell ourselves and finally listen to the truth that is held in our Bodies.