Healing Alternatives Festival

28th & 29th September




Nurture Your Soul

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Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September 2024

The Kings Hall and Winter Gardens
LS29 8HB
Time 10am - 5pm
Adults (aged 16 and over) £6 day ticket or £10 for a weekend ticket
Children under 16 - free (must be accompanied by an adult)
⭐️ Tickets in advance

Card or contactless payments will be available on the day

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*all event photos courtesy of Karis Hermann Photography
Welcome to the Healing Alternatives Festival!  Get ready to explore a world of holistic health and wellness. Mind, body and spirit.
Join us this September for 2 days filled with workshops, talks, and demonstrations. Learn about different healing alternatives from experts in the field. Try out alternative and complementary therapies such as acupuncture, bowen, reiki, reflexology, and aromatherapy or perhaps have a psychic reading. Discover new ways to improve your physical and mental health. Meet like-minded individuals and connect with a community of people who share your interests. Enjoy some unique retail opportunities too!
Whether you're a seasoned practitioner, just starting out or just curious there's something for everyone at the Healing Alternatives Festival. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the world of holistic health!
This area has a long tradition of complementary and alternative therapies, hosting Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival over many years. Join us for a fabulous weekend in September 2024.

Interested in exhibiting? 
See our exhibitor’s  page
Exhibitors ILKLEY

Edwin Courtenay - Spiritual Teacher and Author
Yorkshire Healers Association
The Crystal Booth
Karma Nature - Homeopathy and Reiki
Mart.icca - Tarot and Reiki
Orangeblossom Old Ways - Soul remembering sessions & shamanic divination.
Susan Wood - Spiritual Medium
Prosveta - books.
Moonlight Shop 1111
Jenny Tollinton - PosiTone
Trish - Tarot & Psychometry reader
Global Tribe Crystals - retail Leeds
Earth Spirit - retail Hebden Bridge
Roots of Tolos- retail
Body Wise Shiatsu
Lathersdale Soaps
Crystal Suncatchers by Shanita
Arbonne - vegan nutrition, skincare and makeup.
Devaiya Oils - aromatherapy
Mel-Jay Jewellery & Crystals
Song Thai Spa
Shan Holistic Massage
Wings of Wisdom - Kim Dhaliwal
Holy Frit Art
Primrose Holistic Therapy
Wild at Art
Kay Austerberry - Frequency Healing
Be Natural Yorkshire
Flow to Fertile
Sage Meditation and Ayurvedic Massage
Insight into Life - Vedic astrology
Biomagnetic Balance
Jessica Cainer
Margarette Hall
Angel Wings Art

11am The Wiccan Lady

Wicca - What’s it all about?

Was Wicca really invented in the 1950s by Gerald Gardener? What is Rede? Is Karma a thing and do Wiccans do magic?

12.15 Kim Dhaliwal - Wings of Wisdom

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki Understanding angels, and how to connect to the Angelic Kingdom, including a phenomenal group healing experience. Experience a touch of an angel by your side. Kim Dhaliwal is a Holistic and Spiritual healer/teacher, for over 15years. From a very young age she was surrounded by Angels and spirit, and a life changing premonition finally opened her eyes to what she was blessed with and consequently her healing journey commenced onto a divine spiritual path. She has a client base from all ‘walks of life’ national and international. Her clients describe her as a happy, friendly, empathetic, gifted and knowledgeable “Earth Angel” She has recently released her new book “Wings of Wisdom”, which she will be launching at this event. This book is a self-help guidance tool, full of inspiration, and wisdom, it also offers programs, mantras and affirmations to resonate and amplify your existence and potential. This book was birthed from all the wisdom she gained during a challenging difficult few years of grief and trauma in her personal life.

1.30pm Ruby Sagu - Devaiya Oils

An Introduction to Face Yoga

This workshop will introduce you to face yoga and its benefits. Learn about simple face exercises, massage and acupressure to relax, tone and rejuvenate your face naturally with our certified face yoga teacher, Ruby

2.45pm Edwin Courtenay

A Demonstration of Past Life Reading

We have all lived before, most of us having had on average 500 previous incarnations - many of which were undoubtedly short lived! The memory of these lifetimes can be found in the aura and the Akashic Library as well as in the memory of the soul and some - bearing the gift and training can read these past lives for us. Edwin Courtenay, clairvoyant, channel and cunning man has been reading peoples past lives for 31 years and today will offer a demonstration of this talent. Reading the past lives of audience members in order to provide information about karmic patterns and wounds - how they are impacting upon the now and how they can be cleared, past life talents and how they can be reclaimed and karma and how it can be absolved. He will also explain in brief the nature of past lives and the Akashic records and how these might be tuned into easily by the self.

4pm - Gerry Andrew’s - Shan Holistic Massage

Your Body is Talking - But Are You Listening?

In this talk Gerry will explore the deep Body-Mind connection and how our Minds can keep us locked in cycles of negativity and pain. He will also be looking at ways we can hold space for ourselves and others so that we can let go of the stories we tell ourselves and finally listen to the truth that is held in our Bodies.

11am Edwin Courtenay

The Mystery of The Crystal Skulls!

The Crystal Skulls are vessels for an esoteric wisdom and consciousness sometimes called The Ancient sometimes called the Conclave. Created at the beginning of time this consciousness was used by the Divine in both the creation of the universe and the recording of that creation. The Crystal skulls containing knowledge AND power that can be potentially used to heal that creation and hold the key for its evolution and ascension - including our own. Edwin Courtenay - guardian of several Crystal skulls - will explain and explore this unique consciousness, speaking about old and contemporary skulls and how they can be used - big and small - in healing and psychical development. He will perform a channelling with the largest of his collection - the Engineer - as well as sharing a meditation with all those present so that they can learn how to access this intelligence whether they posses a Crystal Skull or not!

12.15pm Anne Davies - Arbonne

Thriving Through Menopause

Anne will speak about the impact of gut health on Hormones - Busting some of the myths surrounding weight gain during menopause , tips on creating good sleep patterns and much more.

1.30pm Catherine Rose - Biomagnetic Balance

Explore Biomagnetic Balance and Quantum Distance Treatments

In this talk Catherine will introduce Biomagnetic Balance, which is a well-established yet innovative approach to promote optimal health and well being, in a natural, effective and holistic way. It is a proven scientific method to identify imbalance in specific points in the bodily system, then to re-establish balance through corresponding pairs, that are energetically connected. Biomagnetic Balance addresses the root cause of health issues, restores and maintains a healthy microbiome and is offered through the power of quantum distance treatments. Creating equilibrium from this fundamental level, provides the ideal conditions for healing to take place on all dimensions, with exceptional results.

2.45pm Julia Stega - S.H.E. Holistics

A Sound Bath

A Sound Bath has many benefits including reducing stress, promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being. A sound bath is a meditation and relaxation session that uses gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, shamanic and ocean drums and other instruments. The sonic vibrations from the instruments bring about a sense of peace and wellbeing and can help to release emotional and energy blockages to stimulate deep healing at a cellular level. It is simply a meditation to music, but so much more. People lie on the floor and relax while the vibrations from the instruments “wash over them” interacting with their para sympathetic nervous system. This induces a deep sense of calm and activates the body’s own healing systems. We live in a busy age and forget how important relaxing is for a healthy life. I have a number of instruments including sideral moon gong, crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drum, ocean drum, koshi chimes, hapi drum. I also channel reiki healing during the session. People usually float out.

4pm Katharine - Orange Blossom Old Ways

An Audience with Goddess Verbeia: A Shamanic Journey

11am - Moonlight Lady - Jenny Moonlight

Moonlight Journey

Journey into your internal world and enter the sacred forest to meet your spirit guides.

12.15pm Edwin Courtenay

A Demonstration of Angel Mediumship

Edwin Courtenay has been seeing and communicating with Angels and Archangels for 32 years using his talents to guide others on their spiritual journey. Bringing forward powerful and fascinating teachings and insights and channelling potent angelic healing energy for his many clients throughout the world. In this demonstration of Angel Mediumship he will combine his clairvoyant ability with his spiritual mediumship and channeling as well as his extensive knowledge of the Angelic Kingdom to bring forward messages from those angels he sees around some of those present in the audience. The readings may contain information concerning the their Guardian Angel and overseeing Archangelic Patron as well as channelling messages concerning their spiritual path, psychic potential and life purpose

1.30pm Primrose Holistic Therapy

Upon Reflection

How reflective journaling helps you live a better life

2.45pm The Wiccan Lady

Kitchen Witchery and the Magical uses of Herbs

Kitchen Witchery and the Magical uses of Herbs - How to make lotions, potions and charms, spellcast and heal with the use of herbs, plants and roots. Simple recipes for anybody to follow.

4pm - Sarah Jayne from Sage Meditation and Ayurveda

Guided Mantra Meditation

Led by Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist and Vedic Mantra Meditation teacher Sarah Jayne Young alongside Dan Conneely from Gen Zen Meditation, you’ll be guided into a group meditation based on the most ancient of techniques as popularised by figures including Deepak Chopra. These practices will show you that having thoughts in meditation is a good thing! Sarah & Dan will help your body settle into its most relaxed state, reducing stress, and alleviating the build-up of physical and mental tension. After the session, you will have the chance to ask questions on Ayurvedic practices and mantra meditations, including Vedic and Primordial Sound Meditation.

11am Joyous Living - Maureen Wycherley

Get Happy and Stay Happy with Access Consciousness Therapies and Tools

Life is full of possibilities, what are you choosing? Access Consciousness pragmatic tools and therapies offer a simple way of finding your happy without getting lost in the fogs of others’ points of view and to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change, until now. Let’s explore Access Bars Therapy and have some fun with the dynamic tools that you can use on a daily basis. This is quite an interactive workshop so be prepared to have some fun!

12.15pm Jane Osborne

Past Life Regression

Your soul is more powerful and smarter than you envisage. By tapping into your soul, your inner being, just imagine what you could achieve, where you would travel, who you would meet along the way that may be in your life today in a different role. Connect the missing pieces in the jigsaw of lives. Align with your purpose, your passions and what makes you feel whole. Your soul is waiting for you to say hello.

1.30pm Catherine Rose - Insight into Life Guides

Transform your life through the wisdom of Vedic Astrology

Discover how the ancient Yogic method of Vedic Astrology can identify the hidden code in your horoscope to reveal your true essence. In this talk Catherine will share how we all have a certain resonance, as does everything around us and can be experienced through sound, colour, symbols etc.… To be aligned with this naturally creates more harmony and balance in your life. Catherine has developed unique personal guides to provide innovative yet practical ways to apply these elements to your own life. The Insight Guides relate to aspects of your lifestyle, clothes, your tattoos and gemstones, to make informed choices that can transform your life.

2.45pm Edwin Courtenay

A Demonstration of Aura Reading

The aura is a field of coloured energy that surrounds all living things - an emanation of the spinning vortexes of light that sit at the core and centre of the physical form - the chakras. The aura can reveal to those who have the ability to see it many things from psychical and spiritual potential to blockages in the energy system, life path and purpose information and a persons spiritual guides and guardian angel! Edwin Courtenay - clairvoyant, channel and cunning man has been seeing the aura for 30 years and using it in his spiritual practice as both guide, healer and teacher. Today he will provide us with a demonstration of this gift, tuning into the auras of the audience in order to bring forth all manner of insight and messages. He will also talk about the nature of the aura - how it has texture, weight and smell and how all can learn to develop the power to see it!

4pm Katharine - Orange Blossom Old Ways

Connecting with the Loving Spirits of Place in Ilkley: An Elemental Shamanic Journey


By train
Trains to Ilkley run from both Leeds and Bradford.

The venue is conveniently located opposite the train and bus station in Ilkley. 

We love ❤️ our four legged friends 🐕 but as this is an indoor busy health and wellbeing event it is not a suitable environment for dogs (except assistance dogs) 🐶.
YES children are very welcome.  Entry for under 16s is free when accompanied by an adult.
No, you can book into your workshop on the day.  Please check what time your chosen workshop starts and arrive in good time to be sure of getting a place.
Yes most stands will have card machines and you can pay for your entry to the venue by card or cash.
YES! Tickets in advance are available  via eventbrite CLICK HERE
YES! There will be a pop up cafe serving sandwiches, cakes, teas and coffees. Vegetarian and Vegan options will be available.
Are you interested in showcasing your business or products or sharing your spiritual practice?  The Healing Alternatives Festival is a great way to reach a wider audience,  to engage with new potential customers or clients and to connect with other practitioners and retailers.

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